Childminder poems   

"I don't wear power suits, make speeches or drive a fancy sports car. 
I've never made a big sale, or been elected to the local government. 
I don't "do lunch", have a big impressive office, or carry a beeper. 
I spend my days wiping away tears, giving hugs, and serving chicken nuggets.  
A good day is when I go a whole 9 hours without a temper tantrum, bite mark or a toilet training accident. 
My office is a room full of brightly coloured toys and laughing children.
You may not think that what I do is very important and you may even whisper behind my back "What a waste of a good mind" but I know better.
I make a difference because I'm changing the world one child at a time.
Everyday I'm getting a once-in-a-lifetime chance to touch the future.
I'm proud to say "I'm a Childminder”"

My Working Day

(By Kitty Naylor)

Sticky fingers
Snotty cuddles
Milky burps and
Piddle puddles
Occasional mud
knee scraped blood
Unknown rashes
Milk moustaches
Bumps and bruises
Fluffs and pooses
Tearful hugs
Hunting bugs
Toddling, crawling
Red faced bawling
Big wet kisses
Lots of near misses
Shrieks of laughter
Quiet time after
This is my job every day
I wouldn’t have it any other way