Normal hours of work - 8am - 6pm


Payment accepted in cash, work place childcare vouchers (check with your place of work), HM Government Tax-Free Childcare scheme or bank transfers/standing orders.  No cheques please!


Children 0 - school age                               £5.00
(min 6 hours a day) 
(Fees still payable if child attends pre-school/part-time school)
School age children                                    £5.00
(min 2 hours a day)
(Fees still payable on inset days)

Unauthorised overtime rate                        £2.50 per 15 mins            

Weekends/Unsocial hours                          Double fee

Sickness (childminder)                                No fee

Sickness (child/parent)                                Full fee

Childminder's holiday                                  No fee

Parent's holiday                                          Full fee

Parent's occasional days off                       Full fee
Bank Holidays (not worked)                        Full fee

Bank Holidays (if worked)                           Double fee

Late Payment fee                                       £5 PER day until full debt paid off

Deposit to secure a placement in               One week's fee
the near future                                          

Retainer (to keep place open)                     Half fee